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Kent State University Human Resources, part of the Division of People, Culture and Belonging, is welcoming, affirming and inclusive. Our mission is to foster talent while empowering a culture a respect.


Welcome to Kent State University! As a university employee, you are part of an eight-campus system that includes more than 42,000 students and 5,000 faculty and staff.

In a large organization, it is often difficult to know where to look for information regarding policies and procedures, employment, and other resources that employees may need. Human Resources has developed this employee resource manual with general information and guidelines on a variety of topics related to employment at Kent State.

The manual provides an overview of the policies and procedures for employees, but it is not meant to replace or override existing policies. Policies referenced in the manual include a link to the policy; it is the employee's responsibility to read and understand information located within the university's policy register.

The information presented here applies in general to faculty, classified and unclassified employees; however, faculty and classified employees represented by a bargaining unit (AAUP or AFSCME) should refer to their respective collective bargaining agreements for information on employee-related issues. Please read the disclaimer related to the Employee Resource Manual.