Center for Nutrition Outreach-EHHS

The Center of Nutrition Outreach in the College of Education, Health and Human Services provides free to low cost nutrition service to all part-time and full-time Kent State students and employees, and residents of Portage County. The Center provides individual/family nutrition education on weight control, cardiovascular/hypertension, digestive disorders, diabetes, eating disorders, general nutrition/wellness, pediatric nutrition, childhood obesity, sports nutrition, vegetarianism, food allergies, and food safety. A Registered Dietitian coordinates the program in collaboration with the Kent State University Nutrition and Dietetics faculty. 

Contact:  Tanya R. Falcone MS, RDN, LD

Phone:  330-672-2063



Eligible:  KSU students, employees, Portage County community

Cost: Option 1: traditional one on one appointments. These appointments are free to all KSU students and employees. This include 1 appointment per month, and includes all measurements such as weight, body fat measurements and blood pressure. Option 2: wellness coaching over the phone. These appointments are all free for all KSU students and employees. This includes: 1 face to face appointment to get all measurements and assess goals followed by weekly appointments over the phone, all for free. Portage county members cost is assessment on a sliding scale with cost of appointments ranging from $0 to $20 for initial, and $0 to $10 for follow up appointments. 

Additional Information:  The Nutrition Outreach Program is located in 200 Nixson Hall.