FWA Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to request a Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA)?
Are there any additional eligibility requirements, such as length of employment or performance?
What types of flexible work arrangements does Kent State offer?
How do I request a flexible work arrangement?
An employee I supervise sent me a request, but our unit has stipulated that all requests must go to our department head. Can I forward the request to the appropriate person?
If I am eligible and make a request, does that guarantee I will be able to take advantage of an FWA?
Is there a minimum or maximum duration for FWAs?
Is there a limit on the number of requests for an FWA an employee may submit?
If a classified/hourly employee begins an FWA, will the timekeeping system need to be updated?
Are there instructions available for updating the timekeeping system?
I supervise an hourly employee who wants to switch from a 60-minute lunch to a 30-minute lunch. I am updating the timekeeping system but do not see a way to change their lunch break to 30 min. What should I do?
Will an FWA result in overtime for classified/hourly staff?
Can I request an FWA to avoid using sick or vacation time?
I am on a compressed schedule in which I work four 10-hour days per week. If I am sick or take a vacation on one of my scheduled days, how many sick or vacation hours will I use?
I am on a compressed schedule in which I work four 10-hour days per week. How does holiday pay work if a holiday lands on one of my scheduled days vs. one of my off days?
How would a university closure affect my schedule or pay if I am on a compressed schedule?
I am on a compressed schedule and I work four 10-hour days per week. What if there is a event/meeting I do not want to miss and it is on my scheduled day off? Can I switch to another day off for that week without going through the DocuSign process?
I want to terminate my FWA and resume my regular schedule. What should I do?
I am on an FWA and want to request different arrangements. What should I do?
How can a large department keep track of various flexible schedules within the unit?
Can I forward an FWA Request Form to a different approver?
Can I save my progress on an FWA form in DocuSign and finish filling it out later?
Is there a way to view FWA forms other than accessing them via email?
Can employees shorten their lunch duration or forgo a lunch break?