Delays Closings and Time Reporting FAQ

Q1:   How do I know when the University is re-opening after a closing or delayed start?

When there is a university closing on the Kent Campus, it will re-open the following day at 6 a.m. When there is a closing at a Regional Campus or other Kent State location, the re-open time will be determined by the dean or chief executive officer of the location. When there is a delayed start, the re-open time will be announced through normal university communication channels including local radio, television stations, Kent State email and the Kent State website. Employees may also receive emergency notification by registering for the optional Flash ALERTS.  

The official closing/delay time at any campus will be determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the circumstance and the time of day when the closing/delay is announced. 

Q2:   How do I report time for a nonessential employee (classified, hourly, full-time, part-time, temporary) that was scheduled to work but did not because of the closing?
Employees must be paid for their scheduled hours. Employees or their supervisors should record the number of scheduled hours into the university's timekeeping system as “University Closure.”
Q3:   How do I report time for an essential employee that was scheduled to work and called off during a closing or delay?
Essential employees that call off must utilize compensatory time or vacation time for their regular hours for the day.
Q4:   How do I report time for employees (classified, hourly, full-time, part-time, temporary) who worked during a closing?

Step 1 - Employees should clock in/out for the hours they actually work during the closing. If they do not, the supervisor will need to enter the time worked into the university’s timekeeping system.

Step 2 - For the same date, insert a line on the timecard and enter the number of hours an employee is regularly scheduled to work during the time when the university was closed, and record it as “University Closure.”

Hours worked during the closing, plus the employees’ regular hours for the week, will count toward any overtime calculation. This applies to essential and nonessential employees, as long as a supervisor approved the employee to work.

Q5:   Do I report time worked for student employees during a closing?

Student employees scheduled to work but did not because of a closing should not be paid for scheduled hours; therefore, supervisors should not record scheduled hours into the university’s timekeeping system. Student employees who work during a closing should be paid for hours worked at their regular rate of pay.

Q6:   *How do I report leave time for a staff member with previously approved leave?

Employees who have pre-scheduled either vacation, personal, or sick leave before a university closing has been announced must use their vacation, sick or personal leave that was previously approved.

*This provision applies to all such leave time that has been approved prior to the closing or delay. This includes vacation, sick, compensatory, etc...

Q7:   How do I report leave time for a staff member that calls in sick before the emergency closure or delay is announced?
Employees who have called in sick before a university closing is announced must use sick leave.

If you have questions about a specific circumstance not listed here, contact HR Records at 330-672-8316 or Payroll at 330-672-8640.

Rev. 11/5/2014