Mutual Aid and Solidarity

Mutual Aid and Solidarity

INTS 40095; MW 3:45 - 5pm; Fall 2023 

How can individuals and communties thrive in trying times? What strategies build both freedom and support in practice?

Explore what it means to build community in a world that can seem increasingly polarized and uncertain.

Two main questions will guide collaborative learning in this course: 

  • What is a resiliant community, and how can groups work together to build one? This requires we focus on developing an understanding of mutual aid and solidarity with others.

  • How have these kinds of practices worked out in specific instances? We will investigate examples from the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, and Caribbean. 

This course is open to students of all majors and has no pre-requisites! It will contribute to meeting the University upper-division credit requirement, and to the elective requirement for the International Relations/International Studies major.