The MuseLab is currently undergoing renovations.


tear gas canisters, 1970











Tear gas cartridge canister, 1970. This artifact is from the Kent State Library Special Collections.


Read about the "Beauty of Data" exhibit in an issue of Kent State Magazine.

Mission and Goals

As a component of the museum studies pathway in the School of Information, the MuseLab is a creative and collaborative space for thinking, doing and learning about museal things.

  • To generate and inspire research on museality
  • To provide an atmosphere of innovation, creation and collaboration between faculty, students and community
  • To have a place for museum studies students to put into practice skills and concepts they have learned in courses (on their own, in workshops or for CE research projects)

MuseLab is ...

  • An innovative testing ground for faculty and students doing projects on museological topics, especially collaborative work;
  • A place to meet for courses, workshops, clubs, speakers related broadly to the MuseLab’s mission;
  • An opportunity to explore the role of objects, the meaning of collecting and the human experience with things;
  • A fully equipped work area to create and prototype exhibits, programs and research projects. 

. . . an innovative space

Situated on the third floor of the University Library, in the School of Library and Information Science, the MuseLab consists of two exhibit spaces (a main gallery inside and a wall gallery outside), a fully equipped work area and two storage facilities (including a secure and safe protected area for artifacts).

... an opportunity

Installations can vary from quick prototyping projects to more traditional gallery exhibitions. The MuseLab is built around Design Thinking principles of observation, collaboration, fast learning, visualization of ideas and prototyping; it is a methodology for innovation and enablement.

... a museal discovery

Museality is a concept for understanding the role of museum objects, the meaning of collecting and the human experience with things.

... a workspace

MuseLab is open to faculty, students, organizations and community groups interested in conducting research, prototyping, staging an exhibit or hosting a workshop or program related to the lab’s mission.


To explore how you might find your muse here, make an appointment to visit by calling 330-672-2782 or emailing muselab@kent.edu.