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Infrastructure Engineering Services

Infrastructure Engineering Services

Infrastructure and Cloud Systems

Virtualization, Compute and Storage Services

Infrastructure Engineering provides a full stack of enterprise-class datacenter infrastructure services including servers, storage, and virtualization for servers and desktops.  These platforms provide a range of options for application high availability, optimal performance, and scalability.  Solutions are available either as custom designs to meet specific requirements, or as standard sizes with standardized pricing. 


Infrastructure Engineering provides expert Windows and Linux operating system support and consultation.  Engineers support Windows and Linux platforms for applications ranging from large enterprise systems down to well as single-purpose web servers.

Cloud services   

Infrastructure Engineering provides access to a broad range of cloud computing resources from Amazon Web Services and other cloud providers.  We leverage AWS for a portion of our enterprise infrastructure, colocation services, and sandbox testing.  Our cloud experts can help you leverage the benefits of cloud computing such as scalability, resiliency, automation, and cost reduction for your applications.

Disaster Recovery

Infrastructure Engineering maintains a disaster recovery plan that allows for the restoration of, and access to, critical university IT services in the event of an unplanned service outage. This plan includes processes related to disaster declaration, the facility and infrastructure on which to recover services, and the procedures to recovery and validation of services.  These procedures are tested regularly to ensure that our most critical services can be restored quickly and reliably in the event of a true disaster.


Application and End User Support

Infrastructure Engineering provides and supports a wide range of applications and services to academic and administrative departments.  Some of the applications we provide are listed below.

Email and Collaboration

Infrastructure Engineering provides message and collaboration services for university students, faculty, and staff.  Included in these services are Office365 mail and calendaring, Google mail and calendaring, Google apps and docs, and audio/video conferencing services.

Directory Services and Authentication

IE maintains Active Directory and LDAP directory services for the university.  These services provide account and authentication information to the majority of university applications including large enterprise services as well as customer-owned applications.

File Shares

File storage is available to any department or team requiring shared file storage for projects of business functions.  File shares can be accessed similar to local drives on Windows and Mac computers.  Shares can be requested via the IS Service Catalog.

Lab Printing and Copying

Lab printing and copying with chargeback allows departments to provide printing in labs and recover the cost of consumables.  The service leverages the campus Flashcard so that students can conveniently pay for both printing and copying.

Web Application Hosting

We provide several options for hosting basic and intermediate web sites that cannot be supported by the university’s standard web presence platform.  Request a consultation via the IS Service Catalog to discuss available options with an engineer.

Desktop Management

Infrastructure Engineering provides tools to manage the complete lifecycle of Windows and Mac desktops for employees and labs.  Services we support include packaging and deploying applications, desktop and laptop encryption, managing desktop configuration and settings, and backup services.  Support for these services is available through the IS Service Catalog.


Infrastructure Engineering has developed a robust automation platform that supports many of our requestable services.  This automation platform provides rapid response to customer requests and drives the efficiency of our team.  We would be happy to discuss the the automation platform we’ve developed with you and provide information to help with your own automation and efficiency plans.