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Organizational Stewardship

  • Academic Presence Verification Roster
    • Provided a choice of methods for faculty to record student participation in their classes.  This collection and recording of academic presence information satisfies federal compliance requirements.
  • Security Flaw Remediation
    • Conducted an enterprise wide server penetration test to identify and remediate any potential security flaws.
  • Scanning Services
    • Upgraded scanning hardware and software used by faculty for examination and student survey of instruction purposes to ensure a stable platform.
  • Other Achievements
    • Upgraded the Wireless network to remain current on support and provide bug fixes.
    • Implemented SolarWinds, an industry leading network monitoring solution, to replace a legacy, homegrown utility.
    • Made improvements to the Open Enrollment process in advance of the 2017 enrollment period.
    • Prepared for, conducted and validated the successful DR Exercise of our tier 1 applications in February 2017.
    • Developed an Academic Activity Presence system to collect student participation information.
    • Deployed the latest release of Red Hat Satellite suite to manage our Linux deployments and licenses.
    • Installed data and phone networks in the new Architecture Building (CAED).
    • Purged 130,000 abandoned user accounts, improving our security posture.
    • Created the 'Multimedia Devices' and 'Kent State Wireless' wireless networks for improved ease of use.