What is Kaizen?

Kai: To take apart
Zen: To make better

The term “Kaizen” roughly translates into “change for better”.  A Kaizen Event is a cross-functional working session designed to be an intensive 1 to 3 day focus on one specific area.  It is used to quickly implement process improvements with focused working team involvement. A Kaizen Event can be a stand-alone working session or may be scheduled as part of a larger project.   

Participants mapping their process

Kaizen Exercises

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning”
        - Benjamin Franklin

The PE&I office facilitates these events to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Make concrete improvements to an existing process.
  • Bring new problem-solving skills to individuals on the working team.
  • Build enthusiasm by achieving results quickly. 
  • Develop ownership for the solution through involvement.

If your area is interested in discussing the benefits of holding a Kaizen event, please contact us a peiadmins@kent.edu.