"We learned so much about the FLASHperks program throughout this process.  Taking the time to analyze each and every step, from 3-4 different perspectives, is a very telling and rewarding exercise.  As a result, many of the findings are already being implemented and we are seeing positive improvements for both the administrators and end-users.  The team that led us through the process/event was very knowledgeable and genuinely interested in a successful outcome."


- Kristan Dolan, Assistant Director, Marketing for Center for Student Involvement and Kent Student Center

Instructor at white board"The PE&I Team recently created a business process map for the Telecomm Self Service teams to provide an understanding on how forgotten voice mail PINs are reset and display names are changed on phones.  Working with the PE&I Team helped us identify current inefficiencies and highlighted where we could make optimizations in a future state.  The Telecomm department is currently debating on purchasing a platform or having a custom one developed, but with the assistance of the PE&I Team, we now have a more solid understanding of what the ideal state is.  Simply put, their process has allowed for a more informed decision to be made."

- Jim Raber, Director, Information Services, Data Management