June 2013

Audit Assistance Available


Did you know that help is available if your department is subject to an external audit? JoAnn Gustafson, director, Internal Audit at Kent State, says some departments may be required (or requested) to have an external agency or organization conduct periodic site visits or audits. When that occurs, the Office of Internal Audit should be contacted for assistance. The Office of Internal Audit, along with the Sponsored Programs Office and Grants Accounting, is available to facilitate the process for a financial, external review and can help your department prepare for it.  

The Office of Internal Audit is located in Room 226 Schwartz Center. Gustafson can be reached at 330-672-8617 orjgustaf3@kent.edu.


Don't Forget the Fiscal Year-End Deadlines


Managers and supervisors should have received information from the Controller's Office regarding the cut-off dates for financial transactions for the current fiscal year, which ends on June 30. The deadlines for receipt of information can be found online. The Controller's Office appreciates timely submissions of documents to ensure that a timely year-end cut-off has occurred.

Expense Reimbursements
Information on fiscal year deadlines for submitting electronic expense reimbursements is also available at the above website. Travel or miscellaneous expenses incurred on or before June 30 are considered Fiscal Year 2013 activity. To ensure these expenses are recorded in the appropriate fiscal year, expense reimbursements must be approved by the final approver on or before June 28, 2013. Any expense reimbursements in draft status or submitted but not approved by this date will not be processed as fiscal year 2013 activity.

Travel and/or miscellaneous expenses that span both fiscal years and/or incurred after June 30 should be considered new fiscal year activity. Therefore, these expense reimbursements should be processed and approved after June 28, 2013.

KSU Foundation
The KSU Foundation reminds department heads that June 20 is the deadline to submit any funding requests for the current fiscal year. This will ensure that the transfer of Foundation funds to a university index will be recorded in Fiscal Year 2013. All requests must be submitted using the Foundation Funding Request form and must have the appropriate signatures and documentation. For more information, contact Yvonne Lee at 330-672-1077 or Mary Kay Hluch at 330-672-0420.

Please continue to review and reconcile your monthly FlashLine reports to ensure all transactions are complete and proper. If there are any issues or discrepancies, please contact the appropriate finance department below to resolve them. This includes any issues involving your budget, your actual YTD transactions and your encumbrances.

Budget transactions (position and non-position) and transfers Budget Office 2-3750
Credit Card Expense Allocations, Expense Reimbursements, Check Requests, and other A/P transactions Accounts Payable 2-2607
IDCs/COR entries Contact the initiating department and/or Controller's Office 2-2392
Other Journal Entries Controller's Office 2-2392
Payroll entries Payroll Office 2-8640
Requisitions, Purchase Orders and Related Encumbrances Procurement 2-2276
Student Accounts Receivable entries Student Accounts Receivable 2-8635


Family and Medical Leave Act – What Every Supervisor and Manager Needs to Know


The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) has just celebrated its 20th year. Since its enactment in 1993, the federal law has been amended three times and often presents workplace supervisors and managers with more questions than answers. At Kent State, applications for leave under FMLA are reviewed by the Division of Human Resources Benefits Office. However, all departmental supervisors and managers play a significant role in assuring FMLA compliance.

To ensure a greater understanding of the supervisor’s or manager’s role in FMLA compliance, the Human Resources Benefits Office has developed a new training program. Participants will gain a working knowledge of employee and employer rights under the FMLA, employee eligibility requirements, qualifying reasons for FMLA, the different types of leave, and the calculation method for measuring length of leave. Participants will also learn about notice and recordkeeping requirements, prohibited acts and job restoration requirements.

The FMLA training sessions will last approximately 90 minutes and includes time for case studies and a question-and-answer period. To schedule a FMLA presentation for supervisors and managers in your division, please contact Sheba Marshall or Laura Kenney in the Human Resources Benefits Office at 330-672-3107.

Work Hours Maximum for Student Employees

The Career Services Center is asking for your assistance in communicating to student employees the new provisions regarding maximum hours students may be permitted to work. Career Services asks that supervisors review theadministrative policy regarding the employment of students as well as the Student Employment Handbook with their applicable student employees. Within these two documents, please note that students may not exceed more than 28 hours per week. In addition, the Student Employment Handbook has a helpful Frequently Asked Questions to share with student employees. 
Monitoring hours worked is the shared responsibility of both student employees and supervisors. Daily and cumulative hours worked by students are viewable in Kronos by both students and supervisors for all jobs combined.  For assistance with Kronos, visit the Recording Time for Student Employees in the Kronos section of the Student Handbook and the Kronos information site.
The first report to ensure compliance with the new policy will be run with the May 31 bi-weekly pay. Students who are in violation of the policy will be notified via email within 1-2 business days; a copy will also be sent to their supervisor(s). 

For questions regarding work hour limits for students, please contact Ami Hollis at 330-672-28380 orahollis@kent.edu.  


Phishing Scam Reminder

It has been reported that departments are receiving phone calls seeking information about their copiers, faxes, printers, etc.  Requests such as these are usually “phishing” attempts to obtain information and initiate supply orders that are not approved or authorized.
Please take this time to remind your co-workers that this type of information is not to be provided over the phone.  Any vendor that Kent State conducts business with has the pertinent information relating to equipment located within all Kent State University offices. Departments should be initiating purchases following university procurement guidelines and should not purchase items from an incoming phone call from an outside source not sanctioned or endorsed by the university. 

For questions regarding purchasing, please visit the Procurement website at www.kent.edu/procurement or you may call 330-672-2276.

Dates to Remember:
National Caribbean American Heritage Month
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month
June 6  D-Day
June 7 Summer intersession classes end
June 10  Summer I and Summer II classes begin
June 14  Flag Day
June 16  Father’s Day
June 20  First day of summer (summer solstice)


Tell Us What You Think


This e-newsletter is designed to keep you, the managers and supervisors, informed. Please take a few minutes to let us know what you think of it, along with any comments or suggestions. You may contact us atmanagersfeedback@kent.edu. We look forward to hearing from you.

For information about events and programs for university employees, please check out the Faculty and Staff calendar and share the information with your staff.

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