Our Mission

The mission of the Kent Student Center and Center for Student Involvement is to create experiences in physical space and co-curricular involvement opportunities that foster student growth, retention,and development through leadership, civic, cultural, and social opportunities in a dynamic and inclusive environment. 

Our Vision

We, as a collective entity, will help make meaningful contributions to students' lives through the creation of transformative experiences and spaces, a vibrant community, and lifelong memories.

Our Values

  • Mutual Respect:

    which encompasses civility, and the appreciation of diverse individuals, inclusive of all beliefs, cultures and differences, in a space that reflects this appreciation, and supports students pursuing their career goals.
  • Integrity:

    which is based upon sound judgment with trust and honesty as a basic foundation for all interactions.
  • Communication:

    (interpersonal and technological), provide resources that facilitate communication as a vehicle for interaction, information sharing, collaboration, and constructive evaluation and feedback in an inclusive space. 

  • Holistic Individual Development:

    by fostering learning and supporting growth, the expressions achievement of individual potentials. 
  • A Vibrant Community:

    that fosters traditions, celebrates achievements, and develops relationships, and lifelong connections to the university and associated communities. The staff will work together using trust and honesty as the foundation for all interactions among the team to reach our community goals.

Proud Member of the Association of College Unions International

Association of College Unions International Logo

Founded in 1914, ACUI is a nonprofit educational organization that brings together college union and student activities professionals from hundreds of schools in seven countries. Its members work on urban and rural campuses, in two-year and four-year institutions, and at large and small schools. They are students and administrators whose mission is to build campus community. ACUI enriches them all through education, advocacy, and the delivery of services.