Featured Services and Spaces

Looking for a place to spend your downtime? The Kent Student Center offers numerous locations for quiet studying, group projects, and hanging out with friends. Explore below to see what we have to offer!

Charging Stations

Need a boost in battery life to get through your day? Free and easy-to-use, just plug into one of our charging stations, grab a bite to eat, and recharge! Charging stations are located in convenient areas on each floor with various types of plugs in each locker to charge your tablets, phones, and other devices. 


PNC Bank

Located on the first floor just across from the information desk, PNC banking allows students to manage their money responsibly and effortlessly. PNC Student Banking makes managing your money while you're at school one less thing to worry about. You can make an appointment or simply walk up to ask quick questions, but the ATM is conveniently available to students as long as the building is open.

Campus Bookstore
The Kent State campus bookstore has everything students need to be prepared for class and so much more. 
Stock up at the bookstore on the first floor for all your essentials!
You’ll find basic supplies, grab-and-go essentials, technology, best sellers and classics, games, snacks, school spirit gear, and opportunities for exploration. Stop by sometime to meet the helpful staff and browse all they have to offer. 
Computer Lab

If you forget to print your paper or just have some downtime, the computer lab is the spot for you. Printing in this lab is as easy as swiping your pre-loaded FLASHcard with FLASHcash and getting in and out in a flash. Students with valid Kent State IDs are also able to rent either Mac or PC laptops for free via the Information Center and Computer Lab. Ask our friendly staff at the Information Center desk for more information on rental time limits and usage expectations.

Meditation Room

Located across from the Dean of Students and Center for Student Involvement offices on the second floor, the meditation room serves as a tranquil refuge for students, faculty, staff, and community members as both an interfaith and nonreligious space. Take time for yourself every now and then and quiet your mind in this calming space.

Lower Level Lounge


The Lower Level Lounge is home to both private and collaborative study spaces. Students can either book one of three private rooms, or head straight down to the open hang out in the lobby area with several small tables, lounge chairs, and study pods, ready for individual and small group study. Collaborative room 20D is equipped with several conference-style tables, and two TVs with HDMI hook-ups for presentation practice or small group video viewing. Private rooms 20E, 20F, and 20G can be booked for individual study or group meetings. Each private study room is equipped with a whiteboard and a large conference-style table for an easy round-table discussion. You can also enjoy a game of billiards, play board games or watch TV on one of three televisions scattered across the area. This spot also houses the commuter kitchenette equipped with a sink, two microwaves, and a single-serving coffeemaker for students to use and enjoy.

United States Postal Services


The U.S. Postal Service® at Kent State University is located off the main lobby on the First Floor of the Kent Student Center.  It offers easy and convenient ways for you to ship both domestic and international packages without leaving campus.  In addition, you can purchase stamps, mailing envelopes of various sizes, and money orders. For a list of current postage rates & shipping information please go to www.usps.com. We can accept Cash or Check. 

The Mamava Pod

For new and nursing mothers looking for some privacy, the student center’s newly installed Mamava Pod is a quick, clean, and easily accessible spot to get away for a moment. Mamava pods operate alongside the Mamava app which can be used to locate pods all over the country, unlock pods for use, and share other safe nursing locations with a support system of mothers. This pod is just across from a private restroom accessible for pump rinsing and diaper changing. For more information about the pod, just ask our friendly and knowledgeable Student Center staff!

Notary Services

The Kent Student Center now offers notary services for students via appointment. Services include administering oaths, certification of affidavits, taking acknowledgements and acting as an impartial witness. Please contact KSC@kent.edu to schedule your notary needs.


Information Center

Feeling lost? The Information Center on the first floor of the Student Center is always there to help guide you in the right direction. The Information Center staff is well-versed in the day-to-day events happening on campus and in the Student Center itself. They manage the booking of the private lower-level study rooms, give directions and helpful information, and are home to the lost and found for the building. The Information Center also manages laptop rentals via the computer lab. Stop by and see us in person or call us at 330-672-2554 anytime for help!

Second Floor Window Study Space
Floor-to-ceiling windows on the second floor of the student center feature a view of the bustling Risman plaza’s “K,” student green, 
The second floor window lounge area
and the library. Students can enjoy the lively atmosphere this student center location has to offer. Along the 2nd-floor windows, students can gather in individual study pods, lounge chairs, or medium-sized group tables for light studying.
Fireplace Lounge
This location is the most centrally located lounge in the Student Center. Here, Students can 
The fireplace lounge on the first floor of the student center is a great study spot!
gather at tall study tables, or in comfortable modern chairs next to the fireplace for study or casual conversation. Just outside the bookstore entrance and a short walk away from the Hub food court and The Market Bistro and Snack Bar, this is a great spot for lunch meetings and some cozy light reading.