Summer Conference Housing: Stopher/Johnson

Quoted rates are based on one or two individuals per room with private bath. Each room also includes a refrigerator and microwave.

  • Double Occupancy Room                $29.00 per person, per night
    1 double bedroom with private bathroom        
  • Single Occupancy Room                $38.00 per person, per night
    1 single bedroom with private bathroom            
  • Addition of Linen Service                $3.00 per person, per night
    Linen Packet Placed on Bed for Guests

Meeting Space Reservation:

  • Classroom                        $75.00 first day. $37.50 each consecutive day
    Stopher Hall 153, 154
  • Closed Lounge Areas                    $50.00 first day, $25.00 each consecutive day    
    Stopher Hall 164, 264
    Johnson Hall 162, 262
  • Open Bridge Lounge                    $50.00 first day, $25.00 each consecutive day
    Stopher/Johnson Hall 265

Housekeeping staff will enter the rooms weekly to empty trash and refresh the bathroom area. If the group has requested linen -- bed sheets, pillow and pillow case, as well as a supply of towels and wash cloth will be placed in the room prior to the arrival of the group. Linen exchange schedules (for long-term conference groups) to receive clean sheets, pillow cases, towels, and washcloth during your stay will be arranged with your conference coordinator.

Summer 2015 Conference Housing - Stopher - Johnson (PDF)

Summer Conference Housing: Stopher Johnson room