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Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration

Mark M. PolatajkoMark M. Polatajko, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration
Division of Finance and Administration


  • B.S. in Accounting, The University of Akron
  • MBA, Ashland University
  • Ph.D., The Cleveland State University

Job Description

Responsible for the overall leadership of the Division of Finance and Administration, to include the areas of Budget; Financial Reporting; Facilities Planning and Operations; Business and Administration Services; Public Safety; and Internal Audit. Polatajko provides leadership in financial accountability, policy, systems and reporting. Oversees all institutional financial planning to include budget forecasting, investments and risk management. Polatajko is a member of the President’s Cabinet and assists in formulating and administering university policies and procedures, as well as developing long-range goals. He provides support for the Board of Trustees in the areas of finance and administration, and advises the president and colleagues on finance and administration-related issues. He also oversees the Division of Human Resources.

Direct Reports

  • Vice President, Human Resources, Jack F. Witt
  • Senior Associate Vice President, Lisa (Jeannie) Reifsnyder
  • Associate Vice President for Facilities Planning and Operations, Thomas Euclide
  • Associate Vice President for Compliance, Risk Management and Real Estate, Constance Hawke
  • Director of Public Safety, Dean Tondiglia
  • Director of Internal Audit, Jo Ann Gustafson
  • Director of Communications and Special Projects, Carla Wyckoff

Contact, 330-672-2422

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