About the Center

The Center was originally established in 1979 to provide an institutional setting for the academic examination of the historical, political, economic, and military experiences of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. A decision was made in 1991 to expand the mission of the Center to include an emphasis on the European Community.

In 2014, the scope of coverage was enlarged to cover transnational  issues and to help assist undergraduate and graduate students with internships and academic advising for careers related to the study of security issues, diplomacy, and collective defense organizations.

Among its activities, the Center sponsors public lectures and conferences that are open to the University community and the general public. Scholarly meetings sponsored or cosponsored by the Center have resulted in fifteen books. The Center has research associates from Kent and other universities who participate regularly in its scholarly activities.

Within the University the Center encourages and oversees the introduction of related undergraduate and graduate courses to supplement already established offerings, and to help facilitate global connections for Kent State undergraduate and graduate students.

The Center also coordinates participation by Kent State University students in the National Model NATO Conference.