1. Chairs and vice-chairs of the Council and each committee do not vote in the awards process.  However, chairs and vice-chairs will be responsible for distributing and collecting student ballots at the conclusion of committee sessions on Saturday.  The chair of the Awards Committee will ensure the timely distribution of ballots and appropriate electoral accoutrements to chairs and vice-chairs.
  2. The Awards Committee will consist of a chair responsible for directing the process and ensuring the integrity of its outcome and selected faculty who will participate in the tallying of votes. 
  3. Students vote as delegations in the Council or in committees, not as individuals.  
  4. Student delegations vote for the following awards: Outstanding Delegation in Committee, the Austin Cloyd Memorial Award, and, if given, Outstanding Partner Nation.  
  5. Faculty advisors to each committee and the Council nominate a single person from their respective committees or the Council for the Committee Leadership Award.  
  6. The faculty as a whole vote for the Outstanding Chair Award.