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In addition to her graduate work at Washington University, Sue Ellen Wright also studied at the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Universität Frankfurt/Main. She is an ATA accredited translator (German to English) with a specialty in manufacturing engineering, automotive engineering, electronics, and computer applications. Her teaching responsibilities include the teaching of Scientific / Technical / Medical Translation, German - English; Interpreting, and Terminology and Computer Applications for Translation. She has also taught Literary and Cultural Translation, as well as Legal / Commercial / Diplomatic Translation.
Her primary research focus is on the management of technical terminology for translators, technical writers, and standardizers. A recognized international terminology expert, Sue Ellen Wright is:  
Past Chair of the USA Technical Advisory Group (TAG) of ISO TC 37, Terminology (principles and coordination)
Convener of TC 37/Sub-Committee 3/WG 1, responsible for preparing ISO FDIS 12620: Terminology—Computer Applications—Data
Chair of TC 37/SC 3, Computer-assisted Terminology
A member of ASTM F43, Language Services
In addition to the standards cited above, Wright's publications include numerous articles in the field of terminology management and translation studies, edited books in these areas, and Volumes I and II of the Handbook on Terminology Management (Amsterdam: John Benjamins, compiled together with Professor Dr. Gerhard Budin of the University of Vienna.
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Professor of German Translation