Recommended Minors for Translation Majors

The following minors have been deemed by the Translation faculty to be a good fit and should provide most students with appropriate possibilities. Bear in mind that not all fields are appropriate for all languages, and that students are advised to consult with their Translation faculty advisor in addition to meeting with faculty in the minor area. Students should also consider certificate programs such as Professional Sales (15 credits, Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship) and double majors.  To learn more about the minors, please see the Programs A-Z section of the University Catalog.

Autism Spectrum Disorders (15 credits, needs 1 additional course)
Biological Sciences
Climate Change
Computer Engineering Technology
Computer Forensics and Security
Computer Information Systems
Computer Science (more theoretical than the preceding three, any of which would be a better choice)
Criminology and Justice Studies (particularly good for students in the Spanish concentration planning on working in law enforcement)
Data Analytics
Digital Sciences
Economics (more theoretical; recommend choosing a more practical area of business)
Electronic Technology
Entrepreneurship for Non-Business Majors
Environmental Health Sciences
Flight Technology
Healthcare Systems Management for Non-Business Majors
Insurance Studies
International Business for Non-Business Majors
Management for Non-Business Majors
Paralegal Studies (but NOT Pre-Law)
Safety, Quality and Lean in Manufacturing
Software Development
Unmanned Aircraft Systems

The Spanish-English translation pair is a special case in that it is particularly relevant to many community-oriented projects and services, and there are many public and non-profit sector jobs involving language access for Spanish speakers in the U.S. as well as bilingual positions that may involve translation as a secondary component of one's duties. Students in that combination should consider the following minors in addition to the above (especially Criminology and Justice Studies, which may offer a path forward in pursuing translation for law enforcement):

Community Health Education
Health Communication
Hospitality Management
Media Literacy
Non-Profit Studies
Public Health certificate, including the Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug certificate
Tourism Management

Major advisors and the College approve minors in consultation with the student. As suggested above, individual circumstances may require special consideration of a minor not on the list (e.g. a student wishing to be a military linguist may wish to pursue a Military and Leadership Studies minor; or a student may wish to go on in Education, and thus would petition to that effect.)

Updated 8/7/2020