The 2015 Summer Institute "What is Gained in Translation?" attracted a group of faculty members that was remarkably harmonious, tolerant, insightful and eager for interdisciplinary conversations. This was perhaps due both to the theme of the Institute and the diversity of the group in terms of discipline (poetry, sociology, history, linguistics, religious studies, theater, education, comparative literature), language (Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Tibetan, and Turkish), ethnicity, geographical location, gender, and professional status. 

Representative 2015 Participants Comments:

  • "The three weeks I spent in Kent were really extraordinary. I came back with a new understanding of the field, a lot of bibliographic references, new colleagues in the field, and above all many new ideas both for my teaching and my scholarship.
  • This was one of the best seminars I have attended in many, many years. The professors were superb intellectually and as teachers. Also, the guest speakers were well selected so that there was diversity both academically and culturally/linguistically. Because the participant group discussions were arranged to make sure wider and deeper conversations and everyone had the chance to debate and present ideas, I was able to participate actively but also took extensive notes.
  • This was my first NEH Institute experience, and it was remarkable. I learned so much about cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary issues as related to acts of oral and written translation. What I learned will infuse many of the courses I teach at my small university, both in approach and content, from British to World Literature surveys through composition classes.
  • Most significantly the institute leadership demonstrated the best practice possible of building and nurturing an intentional learning community, and my fellow participants continue to inspire me (as we maintain post institute relationships). The institute established a very high bar of collegiality - and proves that shared intellectual rigor and support are valued and possible in the academy.
  • This institute should run again! Françoise and Brian are beyond compare! Their depth and breadth of knowledge, as well as their commitment to the learning experience of EVERY participant is something I have not seen matched in over 20 years in the academy. I rank this workshop as one of the most fulfilling, exciting, invigorating, challenging, rewarding, and joyful experiences of my academic career. Really and truly it reminds me why I entered academia, because of experiences like this. It has already impacted my teaching and my scholarship, but in ways that range far wider than I anticipated."

This page showcases the participants and the projects they presented during the last few days of "What is Gained in Translation" NEH Summer Institute.