Date Event
Sunday, June 4 Check-in/Opening Reception 
Monday, June 5 Translation and Language
Tuesday, June 6 Theorizing Translation and/as Authorship: Who Speaks in Translated Texts?
Wednesday, June 7 Uncovering the translator's voice: How do we find the translator in the text?
Thursday, June 8 Situating the translator's voice: How Do Cultural Politics Shape the Translator’s Role?
Friday, June 9 Figuring the translator's voice: how do translators describe what they do? (Carol Maier)
Saturday, June 10 Field trip to West Side Market, Cleveland 
Sunday, June 11 Free day 
Monday, June 12 Figuring the Translator’s Voice II: How Do Translators Describe What They Do?   (Peter Bush)
Tuesday, June 13 Fictional translators on Translation: Why Are Writers So Fascinated with Translators? (Rosemary Arrojo)
Wednesday, June 14 The Translator's Voice and The Study of Literature: Why Should Translated Literature Be Included in Literary Studies? (Carol Maier, Peter Bush)
Thursday, June 15 Translated texts and Cross-cultural competency: How Do We Conceptualize Cultural Difference? 
Friday, June 16 Authority/Agency: How do different cultures regard structures of authority or ascribe status? (Christi Merrill)
Saturday, June 17 Fiel trip to Cleveland Museum of Art 
Sunday, June 18 Free day 
Monday, June 19 Space and Time: how do different cultural groups perceive space, and how does it affect specific practices (M.R. Ghanoonparvar) 
Tuesday, June 20 Individually and community: how do different cultures perceive the relationship of the individual and the community? (Michelle Yeh)
Wednesday, June 21 Group presentations
Thursday, June 22 Group presentations
Friday, June 23 Group presentations / closing reception