Congratulations to the recipients of the inaugural 2022 Excellence in Neuroscience Research Scholarship!

Congratulations to the recipients of the inaugural 2022 Excellence in Neuroscience Research Scholarship, Teressa Wesley, Samuel Schuler, and Madison Trissel!

Teressa Wesley

In my college career, I’ve had the honor of assisting graduate students in research, conducting my own research project, mentoring two individuals in the lab, and assisting with research at other institutions. In Dr. John Johnson’s lab, I’ve investigated the effects of peripheral inflammation on behavior and brain region activation to elucidate mechanisms of depression. While obtaining my PhD, I plan to study learning and memory in nonhuman primates. Ultimately, I hope to work at a university both teaching classes and conducting research.

Samuel Schuler 

My name is Samuel Schuler, and I am a junior neuroscience major with a concentration in pre-medicine, and minors in music, chemistry, microbiology, and psychology. In Dr. McDonough’s lab, we focus on epigenetic mechanisms of multiple sclerosis, concentrating on neuroprotective methods of combating this disease, especially with regard to oligodendrocyte maturation and myelination. With the opportunity to work in the lab, I have been able to amplify my understanding of neuroscience and the scientific method. In the future, I plan to attend medical school, and with the foundational knowledge I have gained from this experience I feel confident that I will become a successful physician.

Madison Trissel

My current research entails exhibiting the suppression of the female reproductive system through timed daily restricted feeding. I just recently presented this experiment at the undergraduate research symposium and will be presenting at the biannual Society for Research on Biological Rhythms conference in May. In the fall I start graduate school at KSU for my doctorate and plan to research the effects of oxytocin on muscle thermogenesis.

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