Neuroscience is dedicated to understanding how the brain and nervous system function in health, disease and repair. Neuroscience research at Kent State University is supported by over 50 faculty members from numerous departments and disciplines. Our researchers have a wide range of expertise including behavioral neuroscience, sensory neuroscience, developmental neuroscience and neurodegenerative diseases. 

Kent State hosts an annual symposium focused on a different aspect of neuroscience each year. Students in our graduate and undergraduate programs learn the fundamental principles in neuroscience from the cellular/molecular to the systems level. Kent State University’s Brain Health Research Institute is committed to education, research and outreach in brain and behavior.

  • Bachelor in Neuroscience

    Bachelor in Neuroscience

    The interdisciplinary B.S. Neuroscience at Kent State University offers students the opportunity to explore and learn about brain development, neural control of body physiology, neural basis of behavior and neurobiology of aging.

  • M.S. & PH.D. Programs

    M.S. & PH.D. Programs

    Graduate degree programs in Neuroscience are available through multiple departments.