Bachelor in Neuroscience

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Neuroscience is a scientific discipline dedicated to understanding the structure and function of the nervous system in health and disease. The interdisciplinary Bachelor in Neuroscience at Kent State University offers students the opportunity to explore and learn about brain development, neural control of physiology,  neural basis of behavior, and neurobiology of aging.

Neuroscience coursework includes for example two semesters of foundational Neuroscience lecture courses, a hands-on Neuroscience research laboratory course and a seminar in Neuroscience course, where students will learn about the fundamentals and research techniques used in the Neurosciences.

This major also provides a vast array of opportunities for students to participate and gain real world and hands-on experiences in cutting-edge molecular, cellular, and behavioral research in the laboratories of Kent State University Neuroscience faculty and the Brain Health Research Institute at Kent State University, which provides additional research opportunities and scholarships for our Neuroscience undergraduates.  


Coursework is taught through the Departments of Biological Sciences and Psychological Sciences. The curriculum includes:

  • Lecture and small seminar classes. For enrollment assistance go to Academic advising

  • Hands-on neuroscience research laboratory

  • Opportunities to participate in cutting-edge molecular, cellular and behavioral research in the laboratories of our Neuroscience faculty


Research Opportunities and Fellowships

A large part of the Neuroscience program is dedication to provide real-life research prospects for our students. There are several ways to find a research experience that fit your needs.

  • Visit the webpages of the Neuroscience faculty, and contact them by email and share why you are interested in their research. 

  • Enroll in NEURO 10100 Seminar in Neuroscience. This class provides a review of the research interests of faculty at KSU and NEOMED

  • Contact Dr. Chung (Program director, see below) for more information and tips

Please visit the following websites to get more information about scholarships and fellowships

Career Opportunities

The neuroscience program at Kent State University is an excellent choice for students interested in advanced training in either graduate or professional school or careers in clinical psychology, medicine, basic, translational or pharmaceutical research.

For More Information Contact

Dr. Wilson Chung (Associate Professor and Program Director)


Phone: 330-672-3641