B.S. Neuroscience

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The interdisciplinary B.S. Neuroscience at Kent State University offers students the opportunity to explore and learn about:

  • Brain development
  • Neural control of body physiology
  • Neural basis of behavior
  • Neurobiology of aging


Coursework is taught through the Departments of Biological Sciences and Psychological Sciences. The curriculum includes:

  • Lecture and small seminar classes
  • Hands-on neuroscience research laboratory
  • Opportunities to participate in cutting-edge molecular, cellular and behavioral research in the laboratories of our neuroscience faculty


CareerĀ Opportunities

The neuroscience program at Kent State University is an excellent choice for students interested in advanced training in either graduate or professional school, or careers in clinical psychology, medicine, research, or pharmaceuticals.

Contact Information

For more information, please email neuroundergrad@kent.edu.

Program Director
Dr. Wilson Chung
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
53 Cunningham Hall