Student Financial Aid & Scholarships

Learn about financial aid and scholarship options you can pursue while attending Kent State!

Student Financial Aid Office

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Research and look at different scholarship opportunities offered by Kent State University and beyond!

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In order to be eligible for federal financial aid, students must complete a FAFSA each year they wish to receive funding.

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Types of Aid

There are different types of financial aid students attending Kent State can receive!

Financial Aid

Satisfactory Academic Progress

To be eligible for federal student aid funds, a student must make reasonable satisfactory academic progress toward the attainment of a degree or certificate program.

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Financial Aid Verification

Verification is a process one in every three student's FAFSAs is chosen for to verify information reported on the FAFSA.

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Forms and Applications

As a student or parent, you may need to access specific forms and applications. Whether you need scholarship forms, loan forms, or other paperwork related to your financial aid, access them here!

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Summer Financial Aid

Students may qualify for financial aid to pay for their summer semester.

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Rights and Responsibilities of Receiving Financial Aid

Recipients of financial aid must be aware of both their rights and responsibilities relating to financial aid.

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