Guides & Resources

View guides that walk you through financial aid, billing and payment, and student record processes!


One Stop How-To Videos

These short videos are designed to help students navigate through common questions and processes at Kent State University.

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Summer & Fall Checklist

Prepare for summer and fall semesters before you come back to campus!

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International Student Resource Guide

A listing of billing resources for Kent State University international students.

Review the international student resource guide


FlashLine Guide to Student Accounts & Bills

Step-by-step instructions for accessing and reading your student account.

Review the guide to student accounts & bills

FlashLine Guide to Financial Aid

Step-by-step instructions for viewing, accepting, and declining your financial aid.

Learn more about financial aid process

FlashLine Guide to Registration & Records

Step-by-step instructions on how to maintain your student record at Kent State University.

Maintain your student record

Parents, Advocates and Guardians

Guide for Parents & Advocates

Step-by-step instructions on how students can grant account access to parents and advocates.

Learn about account access

Parent PLUS Loan Guide

Parents listed on the FAFSA may apply for a Parent PLUS loan to assist in covering educational costs for their students.

Apply for a Parent PLUS loan