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Welcome to the One Stop for Student Services' How-To videos page. Here you will find video guides on various topics relating to financial aid, billing and payment, and student records. Please feel free to explore all the related videos listed on this page by clicking on the different quick links to the left.

If you have any questions about your account, please visit our contact information page. Our normal business hours of 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. You may also submit an electronic inquiry through our Contact Us form.

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How to Apply for FAFSA

In order to be considered for federal financial aid, students are required to complete a FAFSA for each academic year. By watching the video below, you will be able to understand the process for completing a FAFSA on

How to Create Your FSA ID

Students and their parents must create an FSA ID in order to complete their FAFSA. By watching the below video, you will understand the steps needed to create an FSA ID.

Need Money for College? Know Your Options

Students have a variety of ways to pay for college. By watching the below video, you will learn about additional loan options, payment plans, and special circumstance applications.

How to Search for Scholarships

Kent State University offers a variety of scholarship options that students can pursue via ScholarshipUniverse. This video provides guidance to maximize your scholarship search opportunities at Kent State University.


How to View My Financial Aid Awards
How to Accept or Decline Your Financial Aid Award
How to Make an Online Payment
Viewing and Understanding Your Billing Statement (eBill)

Billing statements, or your eBill, are documents generated on a monthly basis to reflect changes upon a student's account. Billing statements are accessed via a student's FlashLine account. If a parent, guardian or advocate has been granted authorized user access by their student, they can access the billing statement through our site. By watching the video below, students can understand the process for accessing their billing statement and understanding its contents.

Printable Quick Steps to Accessing Your Student Billing Information in FlashLine (PDF)

How to Grant FERPA Authorizations

FERPA, or the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, is a federal law that protects the privacy of your education records. This includes items such as your student account information and financial aid. If a parent, guardian, or advocate has not been granted FERPA authorization, we are unable to discuss your student information with them. Without this access, your parent, guardian, or advocate may not be able to obtain the needed information from our office to assist you. By watching the video below, students can learn how to grant FERPA access to a parent, guardian, or advocate.

You can read more about FERPA online by reviewing the policy here.

Printable Quick Steps for How to Grant Access to My Student Information (FERPA Authorization) (PDF)

How to Grant KSUView Access

KSUView Access is granted by students to a parent, guardian, or advocate. This access provides them with an email that will include their own KSUView login credentials to view details about a student's FlashLine information. Please note that the student determines what access the third party has while creating the KSUView login. By watching the below video, students can learn the steps to grant KSUView Access. 

You can read more about KSUView online at the KSUView webpage.

Printable Quick Steps for How to Grant Access to My FlashLine Information (KSUView Authorization) (PDF)