Third Party Billing

How to Set Up Third Party Billing with Kent State University

Kent State University will bill a third-party sponsor on behalf of a student.  To initiate third party billing on behalf of a student, the student must provide a billing authorization to the Bursar Office at  The billing authorization must include the following information:

  • Student’s name
  • KSU ID number
  • Term
  • Any exclusion if applicable such as what types of, if any, financial aid must be deducted before the employer can be invoiced, maximum billing amount, course exclusions, etc.  
  • If not paying by check, indicate preferred method of payment
  • Contact information for electronic invoices

Students will need to provide the billing authorization to the Bursar’s Office  prior to the published due dates via the submit documents link on the One Stop for Student Services Website. 

Please note:   

If a billing authorization requires that the student receive a particular grade for a course, then the student must utilize Kent State University’s  Employer Tuition Reimbursement Agreement .  The Bursar’s Office will issue invoices approximately 5 weeks after the start of the student’s enrollment period.