Flashes Parents & Families Council


The Flashes Parents and Families Council serves as a stakeholder group working to enhance the university experience and help build sustaining relationships among parents, students and Kent State. By promoting effective working partnerships, volunteering time, and participation in informational, social and recruitment programs and initiatives that help families foster a positive and enduring connection to the University, the council will support the mission and goals of Kent State University.

Learning Outcomes

  • Contribute to shaping the parent and family experience at Kent State;
  • Foster communication between the university and Kent State families;
  • Provide strategic input to university administration regarding topics and issues of importance to parents and families;
  • Provide programmatic support serving as volunteers at on-campus events such as Parents and Families Appreciation Week and Parents and Families Orientation;
  • Develop new ideas and suggestions for bettering parent and family education, programs and services (i.e. submissions for the Office of Admission’s Parents of Prospective and Admitted Student E-Newsletter, family blog, and communicating with other Kent State families).

Council Initiatives

  • Represent the voices of the parents and families of Kent State University students
  • Provide feedback and insights to the Parents & Families Engagements Area
  • Communicate to other Parents and Families as ambassadors of the Parents & Families Council
  • Support with the planning, event management, and engagement of Parents and Families Weekend
  • Assist with writing articles for the Parents and Families newsletter

Council Members

  • Ingrid Abraham-Turner  
  • Tara Costa-Martin 
  • Andrea Culver  
  • Anna Eland  
  • Wren Hawkins  
  • Dee Thomas  
  • Melissa Yoder