Will my student graduate in four years?

Approximately 15 percent of Kent State students graduate in four years. There are multiple reasons for this.

Possible graduation delays

One reason is that the student changes their major one or more times. This may mean the need to take additional classes toward the new degree. Another reason is that students may take fewer than 15 credit hours per semester. In order to stay on track with the required number of hours for graduation, students must take at least 15 and sometimes up to 18 credit hours a semester, or attend summer school. Often students work schedules are such that they cannot take 15 or more hours.

Helping students stay on track

Despite all of this it is possible for a student to graduate in four years, if they stay focused, meet regularly with their advisor and take the appropriate number of credit hours each semester. To support the goal of degree completion in four years, Kent State’s academic programs enable your student to rely on the Graduation Planning System (GPS). GPS includes roadmaps, listings of courses and the time by which to target completion of those classes to progress toward graduation. Progress can be monitored by your student via FlashLine.

Course Repeat Policy

There are multiple reasons that a student may retake a course already completed at Kent State. View the policy for more details.

Course Repeat Policy