When students are taking quizzes and/or exams online, proctoring can occur through the use of proctoring software, such as Proctorio and Respondus Monitor. 

Proctorio and Respondus Monitor are automated proctoring technologies that allow students with a webcam and an internet connection to complete exams and quizzes while on camera; services do not use live proctors but instead use an automated algorithm to report on any exam session irregularities, which can be reviewed and interpreted by the class instructor.


Our institution and faculty rightfully value academic integrity, understanding the importance of fairness, and the need to provide students with the academic credentials they have earned. The faculty at Kent State University proctor exams, both in face-to-face and online classes. Proctored exams secure the integrity and quality of our courses and assist us in meeting the requirements, duties, and responsibilities of our accrediting agencies.