Our institution and faculty rightfully value academic integrity, understanding the importance of fairness, and the need to provide students with the academic credentials they have earned.

Nothing can prevent cheating, whether assessing student performance in an online or in-person classroom. There are, however, several ways to deter cheating and encourage academic integrity: Values Reinforcement, Exam Proctoring, Exam Construction, and Exam Alternatives.


Proctorio is the primary solution for online proctoring at Kent State. Proctorio is an automated proctoring technology that allows students with a webcam and an internet connection to complete exams and quizzes while on camera; the service does not use live proctors but instead uses an automated algorithm to report on any exam session irregularities, which can be reviewed and interpreted by the class instructor.

If you encounter issues with accessing this document, please email proctoredtesting@kent.edu.


Room scan functionality for Proctorio has been disabled and will no longer be accessible. 

Room Pan is no longer permitted to be enabled for any proctored examination. Include the note Room Pans are NOT to be used for this exam in the Additional Exam Notes field. 

ProctorU Disable Room Scan Graphic

Respondus Monitor  
Environmental Check function can no longer be enabled for any proctored examination. Environmental Check must be manually disabled/deselected during the Startup sequence or manually disabled/deselected on existing Respondus Monitor quizzes/exams.

Respondus Monitor Disable Room Scan Graphic

Respondus Lockdown Browser & Respondus Monitor

The Respondus LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment.  When students use Respondus LockDown Browser, they cannot print, copy, go to another URL, or access other applications on the computer.  When an assessment is started, students' browser screen is locked into it until they click submit for grading. Respondus Monitor builds upon Lockdown Browser by adding an AI-based proctoring solution which records the student's testing session.

To download Respondus LockDown Browser: 

  • Log into software.kent.edu with FlashLine credentials 
  • Locate Respondus LockDown Browser 
  • Click on "View Details" 
  • Follow the installation prompts 


Respondus has a Getting Started page which includes a Faculty Quick Start Guide (PDF) for Canvas Classic Quizzes, a Faculty Quick Start Guide (PDF) for Canvas New Quizzes, and an overview video of the process.


Offering a low-stakes or no-stakes quiz is a great way for students to practice taking an assessment with Procotorio or Respondus and getting technical support (if needed) before a larger-stakes exam. 

For those needing technical support, encourage students to reach out to Proctorio via Proctorio Support (scroll down to Start Live Chat) or directly at Proctorio Chat or to Respondus via the Respondus Support page.


If you elect to use proctoring in your course, consider the following statement for your syllabus and Class Schedule Listing in Flashline: This course requires a computer with a webcam and microphone. Exams may be proctored. See www.kent.edu/proctoring for more information.