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High School 9-12

High school activities (9-12) with corresponding AAAS Project 2061 Benchmarks, NSE Standards, and Ohio Model Objectives: 

Activity Source Grade Level Project 2061 Benchmarks* NSE Standards** Ohio Model Objectives**
Pimples, Bad Breath & Smelly Feet KSU CPHP High School 9-12 1-B; 5-C; 6-C, E; 9-A, B; 11-D; 12-C, D Teaching: A, B, E
Content: A, C, F 
SI & LS (various 9-12)
Microbial Events in the News KSU CPHP High School 9-12 6-A, C Teaching: A, E
Content: F
SI & SPS (various 9-12) 
They're Ubiquitous KSU CPHP High School 9-12 1-B; 6-C; 9-B; 12-D Teaching: A, B, E
Content: A, C, F
SI (various 9-12),
LS (9-10)

*1 = The Nature of Science, 5 = The Living Environment, 6 = The Human Organism, 9 = The Mathematical World, 11 = Systems, 12 = Habits of Mind

** SI = Scientific Inquiry, SPS = Science in Personal and Social Perspectives, LS = Life Sciences

Please note detailed descriptions of all standards are included in the downloadable activities.