Strategic Plan

Division of Student Life

We embrace the values and commitments of Kent State University's Division of Student Life. We work to show empathy, respect, kindness, collaboration, and professional excellence in all that we do. We also pledge to implement the division commitments:

  • Purposefully treat others with respect and kindness
  • Seek to understand those we interact with on their terms
  • Promote inclusion by example
  • Interrupt harmful or exclusionary behavior
  • Listen without judgment
  • Encourage, engage, and share resources
  • Intentionally validate and affirm all division staff
  • Be open to learning about oneself and from others

The Kent State of Well-being's work falls under the division pillar of Advocacy, Support, and Well-being; with this guidance firmly grounding our work and actions, we articulate the mission, vision, and values that align and enhance the overall mission; to be 'students first.’

Strategic Plan (Word Version PDF)

Strategic Plan (Graphic Version PDF)