Student Memberships

All students taking five (5) or more credit hours (with the exception of Thesis II and Dissertation II students) on the Kent Campus for the semester will have memberships automatically assigned to the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.  These memberships are covered by a portion of each student's General Fee.

Full-time faculty/staff taking classes are considered faculty/staff for membership eligibility and not students due to the tuition benefit.  Therefore, they would need to purchase a membership.

Part-time faculty/staff taking classes are considered a student for membership eligibility based on the total number of credit hours on the Kent Campus. 

Description Month Semester  Summer
Individual - Fully Assessed (5+ credits) Auto Assessed Auto Assessed Auto Assessed
Individual - Partially Assessed (1-4 credits) $40 $70 $45
Individual - Non-Assessed (0 credits) $50 $105 $75
Companion (2) - Non-Assessed $100 $210 $150
Family (up to 5) - Non-Assessed $150 $315 $225
Additional Individual * $20 $50 $50

* Additional individual must be purchased in conjunction with a companion or family membership.

Membership Types