Faculty/Staff Memberships

We are pleased to offer a number of different membership options for all the Kent State University faculty and staff as well as their companions and dependents to help meet their needs.  Our numerous membership benefits and services are aimed to provide an overall quality membership experience. Also, did you know that the faculty and staff membership fees are discounted to include the wellness benefit paid by the full-time employee's department, a $60 annual value?

Please review the information below and stop in the Member Services Desk to get started today!

If you have any questions or would like to speak with someone about your membership options, please contact Jim Kraus, Senior Assistant Director, Guest Services and Marketing at 330-672-0465 or jkraus8@kent.edu

Interested in starting a Payroll Deduction Membership or need to make a change to your existing Payroll Deduction Membership? 
Complete the following form and we will get your membership updated.

Payroll Deduction Membership Form