After a 120-day waiting period, general and instructional fees are waived for full-time faculty and staff members, their spouses, domestic partners and qualified dependent children in accordance with University Policy 3342-6-09.1. Through the university portal, employees can quickly submit their request under the "Tuition Waiver Benefit Request" workflow.  Please note:  Tuition Waiver is not eligible for the podiatric medicine program.   Employees who are Out-of-State can review the Ohio Residency information found on the Registrar's website.

Before submitting the request, employees should make sure that the person for whom they are requesting tuition benefits has been (1)  admitted to the university;  (2) is registered for classes; and (3) has a Proof of Dependency Status Form (PDF) on file for dependents who are to utilize the tuition benefit.

To submit a tuition waiver request follow these steps:

  • Log onto FlashLine
  • Select Employee / Dashboard / Employee Workflows

Go to the Workflow section and click on Tuition Waiver Benefit Request;  follow the directions on the form to submit your request. Full-time employees only need to submit the tuition waiver workflow once for each student as the waiver will roll forward for subsequent semesters. Should an employee change departments or employment status, however, a new tuition waiver benefit workflow must be submitted.

Part-time classified hourly or unclassified administrative staff who have worked a minimum of 1,250 hours within the previous 12 months prior to the start of the semester are eligible for a four credit-hour waiver. There are no tuition waiver benefits for dependents of part-time employees.