About SPCS

The School of Peace and Conflict Studies prepares students for careers utilizing knowledge and skills in conflict management, peace studies and dispute resolution.

Our Mission:

  • Embody and promote the School’s role as a “living memorial” to the four students killed at Kent State on May 4, 1970; and to honor their memory by always working for peaceful change.
  • Produce rigorous multidisciplinary research that informs teaching and practice and is capable of shaping broad-based public and policy action for peaceful change.
  • Develop in our students the critical and applied skills and knowledge necessary for them to achieve their full potential and to bring about positive peaceful change in the lives of others at personal, organizational, community, national, and global levels.
  • Develop and promote innovative practices that produce tangible social impact

Our Vision:

  • Be a leading international center for interdisciplinary applied research, practice, and experiential learning with a shared commitment to diversity, inclusion, and peaceful change.
  • Empower people with the knowledge, skills, and awareness to prevent, resolve and transform conflict and to build more just and sustainable peaceful communities and societies at local, national and international levels.


  • Our Historical Legacy

    Our Historical Legacy

    Famous not only for the violent conflict of May 4th, Kent State is now also well-known for its academic study of peace, constructive conflict management, and the prevention of violence. 


  • Our Study Options

    Our Study Options

    The School of Peace and Conflict Studies offers courses at all collegiate levels, BA, MA, and PhD.

  • Faculty and Staff

    Faculty and Staff

    Our esteemed faculty and staff are the driving force behind the School of Peace and Conflict Studies.