Intervention Design & Implementation (Project)

Intervention Design & Implementation (Project Course)

Intervention Design & Implementation (ID&I) provides students with an experiential opportunity to integrate theoretical and classroom work with conflict analysis and intervention work in a variety of real-world projects. Under the guidance of course faculty, students will work in teams on a project for external clients. Student teams will develop an intervention design proposal, and will engage in planning, intervention design, and evaluation components. When that proposal has been approved, student teams will conduct the intervention under faculty guidance, and will prepare final reports and evaluations of the impacts of their work.

The depth of engagement required means that even though the course is taken in the last semester of the student’s program, interested students must notify the graduate coordinator of their intention to take the course, and be prepared to conduct some of the preliminary work to develop the intervention plan during the fall semester before their enrollment.

In order to offer ID&I the Graduate Coordinator will need to gauge student interest and ensure that the faculty team can develop an available project by the beginning of the fall semester. During the fall before taking the course, students planning to take ID&I will begin meeting with the faculty team to develop the project plan and proposal for the identified client.