Event: Dialogue on Hatred: A Peacebuilder's Perspective

Dialogue on Hatred: A Peacebuilder's Perspective
Tatsushi Arai, Ph.D.
February 22, 2024
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Join us February 22nd at 4pm for the next program in the Dialogue and Difference program series, a joint project of he Division of People, Culture and Belonging and the School of Peace and Conflict Studies.

Campus life in the United States is a microcosm of identity-based differences, capable of providing a promising ground for dialogue and mutual learning. However, these differences can also become a basis for identity-based discrimination, stereotyping, and hatred when members of the campus communities internalize the polarizing effects of political divisions, international conflicts, and/or other powerful forces in society.

Recognizing these challenges, Professor Tatsushi Arai, a peacebuilding scholar-practitioner with twenty-five years of international experience, will reflect on the sources and nature of hatred in the context of identity-based conflict. He will also explore practical lessons from diverse conflict-affected societies to better understand and overcome identity-based divisions and hatred prevailing across university campuses in the United States.

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