SPCS Professor Patrick G. Coy Publishes a New Edited Book

Patrick G. Coy, Professor and Interim Director at the School of Peace and Conflict Studies, published a new edited book, Volume 42 of Research in Social Movements, Conflicts and Change, Emerald Publishers, Bingley, UK, in October, 2018.

Research in Social Movements, Conflicts and Change has now published continuously for over 40 years, and this volume continues its tradition of delivering data-driven and multi-method research by scholars who constantly push theory forward.  Covering a compelling range of subjects, Volume 42 begins by addressing the critically important dimensions of the relationships that social movements, their activists, and their organizations have with the state and other institutions. It then moves on to examine three movements linked by frame and discourse analysis, before concluding with a survey of the biographical trajectory of activism. The contributions focus on a number of topical and crucially important issues, including, among others: environmental activism in China, the Black Lives Matter movement, the 2011 uprising in Tunisia, and Russian opposition movements.  

Research in Social Movements, Conflicts and Change generates new knowledge about central aspects of human life: why and how we organize into movements for political and social change, and why and how we engage social conflicts and build peace. Social movement scholars have used the RSMCC series to connect their research with theories of peacebuilding and nonviolence while other scholars have used the series to explore new frontiers in conflict resolution and patterns of violent non-state actors. The series has provided an important home for interdisciplinary and international scholarship at the forefront of research and theory development related to struggles over resources, power, and agency.

The RSMCC series was established in 1977 by series editor, Louis Kriesberg—the Maxwell Professor of Social Conflict Studies at Syracuse University's Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. Patrick G. Coy, the long-time Director of the Center for Applied Conflict Management and the Interim Director of the School of Peace & Conflict Studies at Kent State University, edited the series from 2000 until 2018. This was the eleventh book of the series that Coy edited.

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