Academic Complaints


Academic Complaints including grade grievances, classroom management concerns, etc. comprise the majority – but by no means all – of the concerns that are heard by the Student Ombuds.

Students who have grievances about their grades or general classroom management concerns are encouraged to thoroughly read the university’s policies relative to academic complaints. Students with complaints about courses that originate from the Kent campus should follow university policy 4-02.3 Academic Policy and Procedures for Student Academic Complaints (4-02.3); and those with complaints about courses that originate from one of the Regional campuses should follow university policy 8-01.4 Policy on Student Complaints (Regional campuses) 8.01.4.

Note that both Kent campus and Regional campus policies stipulate that students should first attempt to informally resolve any academic complaints with their instructors. If that resolution attempt is unsuccessful with the instructor, see the individual policies for next steps (e.g. for Regional campus classes, students may submit a formal complaint to the Campus Complaint Advisor; and for Kent campus classes, students are encouraged to contact the department chairperson or school director, and if no resolution is reached, they may submit a formal complaint to the chairperson or school director). After a formal complaint is submitted, a complaint committee comprised of faculty and generally a student representative will convene to review the complaint. Please refer to the respective policies for more information.