Success Coaching is forward movement. Student focus is on moving toward his/her established goals while maintaining school and life balance.

The Success Coaching Model places emphasis on the student being solely and directly responsible for his/her success and goal achievement.

Stage Description
Desired Student Goal
The coaching process begins with focus on the desired goal(s) of the student.
II Self-Discovery Movement is forward toward goal(s) through student focusing on factors that influence his/her thinking and decision-making. Ontological coaching models (OAR, BEL, and Historical Discourse) are used, along with assessment tools (MBTI, Holland Code, True Colors) that may be utilized to illustrate natural thinking and decision-making patterns.
An outline that identifies specific goals to accomplish that are established by the student.
A step-by-step plan to move student toward achieving each goal established by the student.
Action-Plan Assessment
A review of the Action Plan to determine progress or to make Action Plan adjustments to achieve success.
Goal Achievement
Student celebrations!!! Student has successfully reached goal achievement.