Tax Determination Questions

  1. What is expected of the individual?  Please include specific duties, if applicable.
  2. Does the individual have the ability to direct the course of the training/education activities?  If so, please describe.
  3. Is the individual required to work a specified number of hours a week?
  4. Will the individual retain any patents or copyrights resulting from his or her efforts?
  5. Please describe any supervision or direction provided by the University faculty/staff, including planned time schedules and required progress reports, if applicable.
  6. Besides helping to fulfill the University’s obligations in the grant, how does the University benefit from the efforts of the individual?
  7. How does the grantor benefit from the individual’s effort?
  8. How much is the total payment to the individual?  What is the frequency and length of time for payment?
  9. Is there a service requirement upon the individual?  YES ___  NO ___  If yes, please continue with question 9.  If no, continue at question 10.
    1. How long is the service commitment?
    2. Please describe the service requirement (# of years, where will the individual work?)
    3. Is there a repayment obligation?
    4. Who will track the service obligation?  Outside grantor___  KSU___
    5. If repayment occurs, who will receive the payback?
  10. What other financial assistance is being provided to the participant? (Scholarships, Graduate assistantship, tuition discounts etc.)  Include the source, time frame, amounts, and reason for the assistance.
  11. Is this payment enabling the individual to obtain a degree?  If so, what degree? (Undergraduate, Masters, Doctorate)
  12. Is the payee a US citizen?  If not, please complete the remaining questions.
    1. In what country will the payee be using the payments?
    2. If there are services rendered by the payee, where will the services be performed?
    3. Is the payee a nonresident alien?