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Tax Services

The tax function is responsible for tax reporting and compliance in the areas of sales tax, real estate tax, unrelated business income tax, employment tax withholding/reporting, and income tax withholding/reporting.

The tax function is led by the tax manager and includes the following responsibilities:

  • Serve as the tax reporting and compliance function
  • Provide consultation on various topics
  • Act as a resource to the University community for tax issues
  • Advise on university policy and procedure development with respect to tax issues
  • Perform tax research and analysis and prepare written memorandum to support conclusions
  • Monitor developments in tax laws and regulations and their impact on the university


The tax website is expressly intended for the purposes of providing information on various tax matters encountered by Kent State University's staff, faculty, and students.   This information contained within the website and on any attachments is provided only as a guide and is not intended as tax advice.  Please consult the tax manager on matters that pertain to the University.  We recommend that you seek professional tax advice from a qualified accountant or attorney for guidance on your specific tax obligations.