Tax and Treasury Services are under the Controller's office in the Division of Finance and Administration. Tax and Treasury functions are responsible for tax reporting and compliance as well as managing cash, debt and investments.  

Tax & Treasury Services is part of the Controller's office and is led by the Manager and includes the following responsibilities:

  • Oversees all tax reporting and compliance
  • Provide guidance on tax-related matters to university departments
  • Daily cash management, including forecasting
  • Investment reporting
  • Coordinating debt issuances and ongoing debt disclosures
  • Advise on university policy and procedure development with respect to tax and treasury matters


This website is expressly intended for the purposes of providing information on various tax and treasury matters encountered by Kent State University's staff, faculty, and students. This information contained within the website and on any attachments is provided only as a guide and is not intended as tax advice. Please consult with the manager, tax and treasury services, on matters that pertain to the university. We recommend that you seek professional tax advice from a qualified accountant or attorney for guidance on your specific tax obligations.