Academics 101

Introducing A New Freshman Resource Guide!

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Academics 101 is a new student resource guide in Canvas designed to highlight resources, and provide tips, tutorials, and policies that will be helpful for students during their academic journey at Kent State University.

Having Trouble Finding Something?

Academics 101 Can Help Students:

Register for Classes

Obtain a FLASHcard

Find Tech Support Help

Schedule an Academic Advising Appointment

Look-up Kent Core and Major Degree Requirements

Access GPS (Graduation Planning System) Tutorials

Locate Tutoring and Academic Coaching/Assistance

Find the Academic Calendar and Other Important Dates

Search for On-Campus Employment and Career Exploration Opportunities

Find Additional Resources by Campus (Academics, Technology, Health/Wellness, etc.)

How Can Students Access Academics 101?

Presently, only first-year students have access to Academics 101 in Canvas which can be found under the 'Courses' heading.

A screenshot showing Academics 101 on the courses section page in Canvas