Flexible Degree Options

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Earning a bachelor’s degree is an achievement that provides a great sense of personal accomplishment and may offer substantial opportunities for professional advancement whether you are self-employed or work for a company or organization. Degree Completion Experts work closely with you to select a program that meets your needs.

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Bachelor of Integrative Studies

The Bachelor of Integrative Studies degree allows you to design a curriculum tailored to your unique interests and career goals. This flexible program lets you combine courses from various disciplines to gain a broad range of knowledge and skills that are valued in today’s job market. This degree program provides a path to degree completion that focuses on career and professional goals by allowing you to select courses from interrelated programs or academic departments that support your career aspirations. 


Bachelor of Professional Studies

The Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Studies is designed for those who want to work in education, health and human services settings or continue their studies in a related graduate program. This program considers the nature of the setting in which individuals work (e.g., youth center, social agency, museum, park, business), the particular skills and competencies required (e.g., program planning, technology utilization, interpersonal and multicultural facilitation) and the nature of the particular function which characterizes the option (e.g., program, design, instruction, service delivery). 


Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies

The Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies degree (B.T.A.S.) is a program designed for students with an associate degree or some college-level coursework. The program accommodates varied educational backgrounds, develops competencies needed for success in a variety of work settings and offers flexibility and scheduling attractive to working adults and time- and place-bound adults.