Acme/RSVP Stores | University College | Kent State University

Acme/RSVP Stores

  • Each department has their own Acme Corporate Accounts
  • Complete the Expense Request Form (ERF) and obtain departmental approval prior to purchase
  • Be sure to provide index and account information on ERF
  • Please provide a separate ERF for each event.  Provide detailed information such as name, date and purpose of event
  • Attach a separate sheet to provide the names of all attendees (if required)
  • You can purchase any items sold in the Acme/RSVP stores using the Acme Card
  • Inform store clerk that you are using a corporate account before the sale begins
  • Provide your identification to the store clerk and sign the receipt
  • Tape receipt to 8 ½  X 11 sheet of plain paper and staple to ERF
  • Submit ERF and receipts to the administrative support in your department within 3 business days of purchase