Banquet Sales

  • Complete Expense Request Form (ERF) and obtain departmental approval prior to ordering
  • Be sure to provide your index and account information on ERF.  If you are sharing the cost with another office, provide the other department index and account information on the ERF
  • Provide detailed information such as name, date and purpose of the event
  • Contact Scheduling  ext. 23202 to reserve your location/room
  • If ordering food for your event, contact Banquet Sales ext. 23305 to place your order
  • Ask Banquet Sales when the final food count is due.  Keep in mind that you cannot reduce your order after the final count date.
  • Forward the Scheduling and Banquet Sales reservation/confirmation to the administrative support staff in your area.  Keep a copy for your records.  Confirmation must be submitted to your administrative support prior to your event.  This will provide an estimate of cost that will be charged to budget accounts. 
  • Inform administrative support if you make any changes to your original Banquet Sales food order